go.servecounterstrike.com:27015 – Vanilla CS:GO All-Gamemode circulation cdmc.servegame.com:25565 – Minecraft Bukkit SMP cdmc.servegame.com:1336 – Minecraft Vanilla SMP cdmc.servegame.com:1337 – Minecraft Superflat Sandcastles CMP trr.servegame.com:7777 – Terraria NG SMP Rules for CDCG group, forums/discussion, chat and servers: By joining one of the IP addresses above, you agree to the following rules: 1. No racism, sexist discussion or anti-homosexuality. Insulting small children using voice chat on servers is alright because they are not old enough to play and 2. No excessive swearing or large insults towards other players. Most "swear words" are acceptable however if they do not violate other rules. 3. No asking for rights or ranks. Players will usually be temporarily banned after three strikes or warnings. 4. No cheating, hacking, or avoiding any present filters. 5. No revealing others' specific personal details without the players' consents (i.e. city, credit card number, SSN, 6. No selling accounts or revealing or asking for passwords. 7. No violations of the Steam Subscriber Agreement. 8. No discussing crackz, warez, piracy, illegal acts or excessive sexual discussion. 9. Servers and discussions don't have to include family-friendly behaviour, however. 10. Backseat moderation or "mini-modding" IS allowed in CDCG. 11. You must be at least eleven (11) years old to use voice chat. Should you be questioned, proof must be provided or you must cease to use voice chat. Or, you know, you can just be insulted, teased and laughed at.